Welcome to the The Knight Lights Wiki!!!

This is the wiki page for the clan, run by clan member Morbazahk . Information about the clan will be added and possibly record future and past events that the clan will do/has done. All clan members are free to contribute, but keep in mind that if you do add content, keep a copy for yourself just in case of vandalism which is very prone to happen to wiki sites like Wikia and Wikipedia, etc. Hopefully this wiki page will last for many days to come!

About the clan--words from Wire_Shark (clan owner):

"We are an active clan with a mix of F2P & P2P members. The clan leaders host events, such as (but not limited to) clan wars, castle wars, dungeoneering, PKing, dueling, questing, skilling, etc.

Members support one another through many ways, such as player-made guides on the forum to in-game quest help, skilling advice, and more.

We are dedicated and loyal. Ranks are earned as players show their commitment to the clan by their time spent in the clan combined with their level of participation in the clan chat, forum, and hosted events.

Everyone is allowed to recruit in this clan! The Knight Lights love meeting new people and growing as a brotherhood.

We are glad that you have decided to join The Knight Lights! Please read the short lists below to answer any of your questions about rules, ranks, and events."

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